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Clearing the Fog Within


Just breathe.


Every person is a one of a kind creation. Every person is unique and pure when they are born. Every person has their own special talents to be discovered within and then shared with the world. Every person has a reason for being here on this Earth, in this life. Every person has something to give and make better, even if it is seemingly small.

Yet how is it that everything blends together? How is it that people become mundane and ordinary? How is it that some people never feel like they actually have a reason for being here? How is it that the truth is lost in the wind and cannot find the way to some hearts? Or maybe it can, but the entrance is sealed with false beliefs that have been built over the years and it cannot get through? If the mind is loaded with useless information…

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HELP I’m being held prisoner


HELP I’m being held prisoner


Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months, lifetimes where everything you touch electrical behaves badly?    It locks up in the open or closed mode.  It doesn’t matter which because the result is the same.  You can no longer access its functions.

ac how_it_works

I woke with the vent hose to my portable AC blowing hot air in my face.  The hose had disconnected itself and the unit was flashing error lights as it tried to cool while heating my bedroom.   It would not respond to my pushing the off switch.  I had to manually disconnect the power source.

Coffee was needed.

Fortunately, there was a cup left in the pot and I just had to add ice to jumpstart myself.  No electricity needed.

My Mac responded eagerly to my login.  He had already had his system rebooted and a talk with the Apple tech yesterday.   Evidently, the thing to do when the computer is glitchy is to turn it off and disconnect all those cords.  Wait for at least 5 minutes.  Then replug and turn on.  It is wise to do this before calling a tech and paying $ for the wait time.


My ‘smart phone’ rang its Bells of Westminster Abbey tone alerting me to an incoming call.  I did not recognize the calling number but answered anyway.  There was no audible transmission.  Yet the phone indicated a call in process.

Yikes, was I being hacked by some mystery person or thing with a 601 Mississippi prefix?

When in doubt hang up.  I felt like a kid doing one of those telephone prank calls.

The signal would not disconnect when I pressed the appropriate key.  I did the MAC recommend thing and turned off the phone, waited 5 minutes and turned it on.

The call was still registered and I couldn’t end it.  CREEPY.

I considered dumping the phone in a tub of water.

The coffee must have kicked in because the idea of irreplaceable damage floated into consciousness.  After releasing the thought of alien invasion, I tried the MAC trick again.

I cut the power.

This time it worked.  My call was disconnected leaving only the offending telephone number in the registry.   I deleted it.

I feel there is a metaphor for life in these encounters (see bolded text above)  and am reminded of the

Law of Divine Compensation.


If your thoughts are binding you, turn them off.

If fear is flowing, refocus.

If your beliefs or habits of thought no longer serve you, change them.


” Up Close and Personal “



Many times I have been privileged to shoot awe-inspiring locations, but what I found more fantastic, was to uncover the world within. Discovering with my lens another world that is actually right in front of my nose, can be an eye-opening experience. Whether a subject is found in nature or from objects that have been discarded, I find that these tiny things evoke a surreal almost other worldly composition.

I am usually drawn to the big picture, a grand landscape or fast-moving action shot. For me macro, or close up photography, is none of these. It calms my mind and slows the body when I immerse myself in this world. Light still plays an important part of seeing and creating a dynamic photo. But what really sets it apart, are the details. I get lost in them, almost to the point of distraction. As with other types of photography, you…

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Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry


C.B. Wentworth

Ai Wiewei first made a blip on my radar during the awe inspiring opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but he captured my spirit with his inspiring art installations.  Back in March, I documented my experience with his Sunflower Seeds exhibit at the Tate Modern, (see Seeds to Ponder) and since then I’ve continued to explore his work and life.

A documentary entitled, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, opens in theaters this weekend.  This remarkable film provides insight into the courageous and vibrant voice of a man that refuses to be silenced. Filmmaker Alison Klayman tracks everything from the artist bent on creating evocative works of art to the outspoken activist that has found himself detained more than once by the Chinese government. Klayman catches it all with a smart balance of unrelenting honesty and humor, which serves as perfect reflection of the man himself.

Watching Ai Weiwei…

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Sand Boarding Oregon style


While driving the Oregon coast with sister and nieces, we stopped to investigate a Sand Boarding shop and discovered a new sand dune activity.


The shop owner enthusiastically introduced us to the sport – providing equipment rental and instructions.

choosing board

Florence sand masters

Similar to snow boarding the sand board requires waxing.

Board wax

There are many types of sand.


My sister with a sand sleigh and nieces with boards on top of windy dune preparing for the maiden voyage.

Sandboard start

I captured the action with my camera from the bottom of the dune.