The process of assigning a name to something feels uniquely human. It is a way to claim something as ones own.  My children were given a dual surname to identify both their parent’s contribution.   My car holds the title Merlot based on its color.  Recently, I had the urge to name my place of residence.

Diversity adds flavor and texture.

A traveler by nature, I rarely assign a unique name to my residence other than its address such as the beach house in FL or the mountain house in WV.   Even when I owned property it remained nameless.

Now, I discover myself assigning a name to my residence –

The Crow’s Nest. 


      I can justify the label as descriptive of the location – second story with a view of the trees, and the surrounding neighbors – three rather fat loud crows.   But this is not why I have named my residence.

Naming is a feeling of ownership, an allowing of the spirit to accept something into its consciousness.

It started with the demise of a tree at the base of my staircase leaving a stump.  The STUMP became a stage for the neighborhood  kids to perform and I became their only audience.

The result of these shared spirits and laughter required naming.

What have you named recently?


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  1. Nice one. We named our big shed Anabelles barn back when Cliff watched such videos and Jim named his back house Valverde- Civil war battle in NM near town of Valverde near-ish Soccoro, NM. The main house  noname  and it shows. Even the little shed is cannon shed. Hmmmm XO SISTAML


  2. Our new ride is named Goldilocks for color. A perfect get-around for our family.
    The Naming is a favorite childhood story my daughters grew up on. It invokes a simple calm and honor, to be the one naming.


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