BARBIE on the Steps


BARBIE on the Steps

Barbie on steps

On my returned from an outing there was a Barbie doll on the steps to The Crow’s Nest.   Thinking one of the kids forgot her and would return later, I carefully walked around her.

I wonder who her owner is and what distraction caused her abandonment.

It’s difficult for me to imagine an explanation from my childhood for this behavior .   I remember only having one doll.  Her name was Mary.  She didn’t look like a Barbie or any other doll.  Her clothes matched mine and were tailor made by my Mom on her Singer sewing machine.

Maybe this is why I viewed Mary as an alter ego of sorts and would never leave her alone to fend for herself.   Mary stayed with me through my college years and into my own parenthood.   She became a Christmas gift to my young daughter with a fresh new wardrobe I handcrafted.

I don’t remember my daughter abandoning Mary.  However, she asked for a Barbie with a Townhouse the following year.

Mary is now packed in a secure box and stored in the top of my closet.

No, I can’t imagine forgetting ones doll on the steps of a stranger.

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