RETIREMENT – The Invitation


RETIREMENT – The Invitation


The land of retirement always seemed like an illusion, a state of being that had certain requirements I could not fulfill.

I had tried on other states of being through the years such as student, wife, mother and nurse – midwife.  I struggled to fit in each but always felt as if part of me was extending outside the pattern.  It was not comfortable.


          As I aged, I sought to create something different by changing my employment circumstances.   In other words, I focused on my environment to relieve the constriction.

         I worked in a variety of settings – prisons, rural and foreign countries, part time, temporary, public and private institutions. Finally, my last place of employment asked me to do something that violated my core beliefs and I joyfully resigned.


The world I thought I knew became incomprehensible.


         Out to the confusion came the strange attractors of Quantum Consciousness (giggle) leading me to the state of Retirement.

The Retirement I thought I knew with all its requirements of financial resources and struggle faded.  Quantum Consciousness displaced my beliefs and presented alternate views.

Click to read about one example

Now I know Retirement is a climbing out of old patterns – an opening to new ways of being.


I embrace Retirement and flow in its natural contours.

Come join me.

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  1. Good message for me this morning. I’ve a year and a half to be able to collect benefits and even then don’t know how I’ll make it financially. The call of freedom beckons strong. If I can save and hold on another year I’m ready to start that retirement career.


  2. Major life changes are so liberating, aren’t they? Retirement is something I’m looking forward to–someday–but since I quit my job and became self-employed a little more than a year ago, I’ve felt a new energy in my working life. Congratulation on finding your new way of being!


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