72 hours in Phuket – Not just a beach vacation: August 2013


Delightful blog that expresses my feeling as well re: travel.

The Wanderlust Carousel

I typically enjoy a beautiful beach destination, as I find the water and sand to be the most replenishing.
– Elizabeth Berkley

With a super 4-day long weekend looming, it was too tempting not to go anywhere. I decided a beach vacation was exactly what I needed. Phuket seemed the best choice after witnessing a dream wedding there.

So in an impromptu chat with a girlfriend who also needed the ‘I want to get away, away and away’ holiday, we literally chorused, ‘Let’s just go’. Before we knew it, we were booking air tickets and it was not easy since it was a rare marriage between 2 public holidays and the weekend and the whole island was practically going away for short getaways in Asia. But it was really too good to miss!

I intentionally avoided Patong Beach where the action was. I chose a resort on the quieter Kamala…

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