CONNECTION – Linking Of People Or/And Things


CONNECTION – Linking Of People Or/And Things

bunch of computer cables with sockets

         Big things like TVs, computer CPUs, digital cameras, and mobile telephones connect the world or so I believed until yesterday.

Last evening my streaming video of Stargate SG-1 abruptly stopped.  It had worked for the last 6 months allowing me to view content from my computer to my TV.  I had purchased all the parts – computer, cable modem, and TV from a National supplier with excellent warranty polices.  I had a guaranteed connection.

The TV monitor gave a hint of the problem.  It stated that my connection was no longer available and suggested I check the cables.

20 minutes later, I had unplugged and reinserted every cable visible with no solution.   The next step required communication with the retail store.

 Telephone call

            They said I needed to call the manufacturer despite my verification of purchase and refund rights.  The manufacturer gave me a claim # and told me to go to the store for a replacement part.


         Two hours later, I presented myself with connector cables and claim # in hand to the store.  The clerk verified my previous purchases again and gave me a new connector without testing it or asking for my claim #.


An hour later I returned to the store paper work and connector in hand.  It didn’t work.  The new clerk informed me I would need to bring my computer unit in to test the connector.

driving 2

         Two hours later after eating dinner, I returned with the connector and my computer.   The clerk tested it on their TV and concluded that it was working OK.  Therefore, the problem must be in my TV.


The Suspects

         An hour later I returned with my connectors, TV and Computer. The signal still did not go through.  The clerk determined that it might be a different connector part – the actual cable – that was at fault and sent me off to find a replacement.


         The clerk reported experiencing similar problems with connection cables, even new ones.  The cost of replace was ZERO $, four human connections and seven hours of my time.

Things to consider:

  • Without the ability to connect the ‘big things/people’ do not function.
  • Warranty polices (written contracts*) do not guaranteed continuous connections.  (* Examples include marriage vows, employee contracts, academic diplomas as well as electronic cables.)

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  1. Fun post, but written backwards. The elements of the world humans experience are reflected in their creations. Sure, technology has its own set of laws…but not really. I’m sure you can find a lot more parallels like this.


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