Last report filed 06/08/2013 (

Molson at door


         It has been a very productive August for Clan members.

I recently observed the installation of a flowing fountain that provides the soothing sound of falling water 24-7.  It put me into a deep meditative state.

Molson watching faoutain

Molson under plant

         I have also observed and recorded the laying out of a harvest feast of fresh vegetables.  I’m keeping the beets warm.  Note the abundance of butter.

Molson on beets

         Corn on the cob is a distinctive North American dish.  In Europe it is reserved for the farm animals I’m told.  I’m not sure if Canadians partake of this delicious dish.


         A New Mexico clan member recently added a basil plant to her garden yesterday.

Basil 1 New Basil Plant

         She fertilized the plant with worm tea brewed by her neighboring sister. The next day the plant had matured significantly and put all Texas tall tales to shame.

Basil 2 Second Day – after treatment with worm tea

         The sister in possession of the miracle growth plant was incredulous.  She suspected shenanigans from her daughters and nephew but was convinced of their innocence by their poker faces.  Finally, after she was observed calling the Pope to report another miracle in New Mexico, they confessed.

        The moral of this story is that you cannot measure success in inches.

I’ve requested a shipment of worm tea from NM.

Keep laughing,

Molson Reporting

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