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Molson Report #8 – Arches National Park, UT


Molson Report – Arches National Park, UT

Double-Arch-Photo National Park Services Photo

         Thursday (9/26) the clan members parked in Moab, UT a city promoting a green environment, which is sort of funny since it’s so brown or should I say RED LIMESTONE.   The clan man rented a CD that talked us around the Arches National Park.  It provided history about designated stops that was interesting but not as much fun as having a live hands on ranger-guided tour.


     She had very nice hands and a great smile.  Lots of other tourist wanted my picture with them too.  I thought we should charge $ but the clan members did it for free.

I still got a lot of climbing in between being held.






I spied an ancient Stargate too.


 These Ute petroglyphs (rock pictures) at Wolfe Ranch were made between 1650 & 1850 – so they say.

The following day the clan took a cold windy ride on the Colorado River.  I stayed bundled up so I wouldn’t blow away.  Later that night we took a calmer ride to view the night sky. The Milky Way didn’t look like the candy bar but was spectacular.  I think it’s the name of the galaxy we live in.  The clan man saw a shooting star and made a secret wish.  No he didn’t even tell me what it was.

The next stop is Island in the Sky and Dead Horse Point State Park where Thelma and Louise did their infamous dive.  I know the movie said they were in AZ but it was just a cover story.

The clan woman said we are at the ½ mark of our adventure.






         Have you ever had someone make something by hand and gift it to you?

Do you remember the feeling of holding the object in your hands and absorbing its texture with your fingertips?

Do you recall how the color(s) saturated your vision while filling your soul with comfort?

Can you relive these feelings each time you come in contact with the gift?

If you can answer YES – you are blessed with a powerful and precious honor.

You were cherished.

Scarf in hand

         Several years ago a friend made a feathery colorful scarf and presented it to me as a holiday gift one cold winter day.

Since the gifting, the chilling weather is my signal to unpack the scarf; wind it around my neck; rub my face in its softness and once again activate the feeling of being cherished.

I am continually grateful for my friend.


Wild Geese


This morning I was awaken by the distinctive sound of honking geese and knew it was once again time for change.

wild geese by MO

You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles,

through the desert,


You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

Tell me about despair,


and I will tell you mine.

Meanwhile the world goes on.

Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain are moving across the landscapes,

the prairies and the deep trees,

the mountains and the rivers.

Seven Canadian Geese flying in formation on clear blue sky

Meanwhile the wild geese,

high in the clean blue air,

are heading home again.

Whoever you are,

no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination,

calls to you like the wild geese,

harsh and exciting –

                    over and over announcing your place in the family of things.

Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

Molson on the Move – Capital Reef, UT


Molson Report from Capital Reef National Park, UT

          When I started this adventure, I imagined riding around in RV comfort checking out the scenery and meeting new people.  I also thought the older clan members would need lots of rest time and would avoid walking and climbing.  Maybe they’ll get tired in a few days.

          I am meeting new people but the clan wont allow their pictures on public media.  I guess that’s my job as the clan’s totem.

         Here’s some pics of me humping through the National Park and climbing to spectacular sites.   Don’t know what I got caught in my shell but it must have fallen out.  I don’t feel it anymore.

I’m heading for bed.  We’re going to the desert tomorrow.

Multi Media Techno Walk


Multi Media Techno Walk

         Metabolic Syndrome is one of the #1 medical conditions in the USA.  One of its features is insulin resistance leading to Obesity and all it’s side effects.

As a former health care provider, if this is possible, I also am resistant – to labels and routines.   Please don’t tell me to loose weight, exercise more and threaten me with dire consequences.  It doesn’t work.   Changes in behavior do not respond to threats or even knowledge.  These facts have been known for years.  (Yes, I have a MPH to back up my assertions as well as personal experience.)

The former Chairman of my department used to preach the value of “tapping an individual’s motivational roots” in order to encourage change.   For example a person is more likely to brush their teeth to make them white and kissable than to prevent cavities.

Can you FEEL the difference in brushing your teeth to be attractive vs. dental health as a motivation?

When my health care provider told me I needed to exercise more I asked him what he recommend, since I already had a gym membership.  [I admit I was bored with inside exercise and wasn’t motivated to actually go to the gym.]  Of course, his recommendation was that I had to be persistent in my use of the gym – boring.

Most providers are not trained to tap their patient’s motivational roots, but as individuals we are.  Most people know what motivates them and have a desire to feel good.

Armed with insights from my son on the latest Exercise Apps, the multitasking capabilities of the new smart phone technology (iPhone) and my personal playlist of music, I was able to create an exercise program that feels good to me.  This marvelous technology records my walk/run path on a map grid with my exercise statistics.  It even sends me daily messages of encouragement and allows me to forward my activities to those interested.

Following is a brief multi-media presentation to provide a sense of how  my personalized exercise feels.


I wanted to thank the Apple Care folks for their support in teaching me how to create my own motivational program.

Molson Report – Petrified Forest


Molson Escalante 1

I hope everyone is having fun welcoming the fall season.   Change is a good thing.  It stimulates the body and the mind.

I’m tagging along on a Clan RV adventure.  Here are some pictures of me playing in the Escalante Petrified Forest.  Seeing trees turned into stone gives a new perspective on life.

      Being a day tripper leads to lots of cool scenic views including traversing Nevada on Hwy 50 “the loneliest road in America.”

Thanks for visiting.

A Nature Spirit Walk


A Nature Spirit Walk

DSCN0533064 Harvest Landing, Springfield, OR

         Nature Spirits are part of our human existence just like unseen body cells,  the sound of laughter and the smell of earth.  They are constantly interacting with us in an evolutionary spiral.

It is not necessary to be conscious of their presence but awareness makes the interaction more pleasurable.   Just as viewing an ultrasound of a growing fetus doesn’t make it more real, it does raise our consciousness of the gestational process.

Connecting with Nature Spirits is easier than using a smart phone (which by the way has it’s own Nature Spirits).  All you have to do is consciously ask to be connected.  The asking does not need to be audible or written.  Thinking and feeling the desire for connection is enough.

My preferred introduction goes something like this:

“Over lighting Deva of Nature Spirits I wish to be connected to the Nature Spirits of ….. (insert name).”

Sometimes I take a few deep breaths to help my mind center on receiving.   The connection presents in many forms depending on the individual.  It always feels good.

The following are pictures I recorded on a lone walk with the Nature Spirits of Harvest Landing. 

Feeling, seeing and hearing the flow of the river is vital to the experience.

           A tree presents its unique form stimulating the recall of its history.


Root stairs are offered as assistance in climbing the slope.


An unidentified bird silently watches from a perch above the river offering an aerial view.


 Trees shade the earth path and wave branches old and new in greetings.


Juicy blackberry bushes extended their fruit in greeting and for nurishment.


Sometimes the trail resembles a dried stream bed of cobbled stones that massage the foot’s trigger points and


 provide mysterious detours into tree covered musty hallways.


         No flies or bugs on me.

Another benefit of communicating with the Nature Spirits is to request that critters stay off your flesh.   In return I agreed not to step on the slow moving inhabitants.






My son took me to watch a glass shaping demonstration.  It was like watching a dance between the artist partnered with the elements using fire for music.

Watch her dance with the baton of molten glass – twirling; dipping; thrusting.

Imagine the body – self awareness necessary to maintain the flow without burning.

Feel the impulse to reach out and touch the radiant glow.

Music from ‘Paper Route’ by Rob Simonsen

Interspecies Communication – Busy Bees


Yesterday two activities were drawn to my attention (see attached videos).

I would like to submit these for your evaluation as proof of interspecies communication.   Notice the buzzing vibrations being emitted with definitive “ME” utterances.

Life is full of mystery and giggles –  enjoy.


Molson – Corny Love Feast



Travel time

WELCOME to September and the Fall harvest season in which the Clan members celebrate with Food!

     Corn on the Cob is one of the main ingredients.  First, It must be cleared of the outer layers.  This is called shucking the corn or removing the outer layer.

Shucking corn

Shucks from corn.

     A shuck is defined as something with little value.  I disagree since the corn silk makes a fine wig.

Molson wearing wig

 Some humans can be so wasteful and lacking in imagination.

 Disquise Clan members playing with their food.

           Fall Feast

 I’m inspecting the gazpacho made with garden fresh vegetables.

Wishing you a prosperous harvest – no shucks.

XXOO Molson