A Nature Spirit Walk


A Nature Spirit Walk

DSCN0533064 Harvest Landing, Springfield, OR

         Nature Spirits are part of our human existence just like unseen body cells,  the sound of laughter and the smell of earth.  They are constantly interacting with us in an evolutionary spiral.

It is not necessary to be conscious of their presence but awareness makes the interaction more pleasurable.   Just as viewing an ultrasound of a growing fetus doesn’t make it more real, it does raise our consciousness of the gestational process.

Connecting with Nature Spirits is easier than using a smart phone (which by the way has it’s own Nature Spirits).  All you have to do is consciously ask to be connected.  The asking does not need to be audible or written.  Thinking and feeling the desire for connection is enough.

My preferred introduction goes something like this:

“Over lighting Deva of Nature Spirits I wish to be connected to the Nature Spirits of ….. (insert name).”

Sometimes I take a few deep breaths to help my mind center on receiving.   The connection presents in many forms depending on the individual.  It always feels good.

The following are pictures I recorded on a lone walk with the Nature Spirits of Harvest Landing. 

Feeling, seeing and hearing the flow of the river is vital to the experience.

           A tree presents its unique form stimulating the recall of its history.


Root stairs are offered as assistance in climbing the slope.


An unidentified bird silently watches from a perch above the river offering an aerial view.


 Trees shade the earth path and wave branches old and new in greetings.


Juicy blackberry bushes extended their fruit in greeting and for nurishment.


Sometimes the trail resembles a dried stream bed of cobbled stones that massage the foot’s trigger points and


 provide mysterious detours into tree covered musty hallways.


         No flies or bugs on me.

Another benefit of communicating with the Nature Spirits is to request that critters stay off your flesh.   In return I agreed not to step on the slow moving inhabitants.




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