Multi Media Techno Walk


Multi Media Techno Walk

         Metabolic Syndrome is one of the #1 medical conditions in the USA.  One of its features is insulin resistance leading to Obesity and all it’s side effects.

As a former health care provider, if this is possible, I also am resistant – to labels and routines.   Please don’t tell me to loose weight, exercise more and threaten me with dire consequences.  It doesn’t work.   Changes in behavior do not respond to threats or even knowledge.  These facts have been known for years.  (Yes, I have a MPH to back up my assertions as well as personal experience.)

The former Chairman of my department used to preach the value of “tapping an individual’s motivational roots” in order to encourage change.   For example a person is more likely to brush their teeth to make them white and kissable than to prevent cavities.

Can you FEEL the difference in brushing your teeth to be attractive vs. dental health as a motivation?

When my health care provider told me I needed to exercise more I asked him what he recommend, since I already had a gym membership.  [I admit I was bored with inside exercise and wasn’t motivated to actually go to the gym.]  Of course, his recommendation was that I had to be persistent in my use of the gym – boring.

Most providers are not trained to tap their patient’s motivational roots, but as individuals we are.  Most people know what motivates them and have a desire to feel good.

Armed with insights from my son on the latest Exercise Apps, the multitasking capabilities of the new smart phone technology (iPhone) and my personal playlist of music, I was able to create an exercise program that feels good to me.  This marvelous technology records my walk/run path on a map grid with my exercise statistics.  It even sends me daily messages of encouragement and allows me to forward my activities to those interested.

Following is a brief multi-media presentation to provide a sense of how  my personalized exercise feels.


I wanted to thank the Apple Care folks for their support in teaching me how to create my own motivational program.

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  1. Have you thought of exploring a meetup group (safe one) that maybe walks to set destinations or time periods and then snaps pictures (like a photo challenge with interesting pictures that speak, and oh yeah, you have to move your body to get there…. My body would constantly be asking me, “Are we there, yet?” lol


    • I’ve looked into group walks but realized I like the solitude and flexibility of walking on my own time. Holly I know you are aware of the benifits of focusing on the journey not the goal :). Maybe it’s an age thing too.


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