Molson Report #8 – Arches National Park, UT


Molson Report – Arches National Park, UT

Double-Arch-Photo National Park Services Photo

         Thursday (9/26) the clan members parked in Moab, UT a city promoting a green environment, which is sort of funny since it’s so brown or should I say RED LIMESTONE.   The clan man rented a CD that talked us around the Arches National Park.  It provided history about designated stops that was interesting but not as much fun as having a live hands on ranger-guided tour.


     She had very nice hands and a great smile.  Lots of other tourist wanted my picture with them too.  I thought we should charge $ but the clan members did it for free.

I still got a lot of climbing in between being held.






I spied an ancient Stargate too.


 These Ute petroglyphs (rock pictures) at Wolfe Ranch were made between 1650 & 1850 – so they say.

The following day the clan took a cold windy ride on the Colorado River.  I stayed bundled up so I wouldn’t blow away.  Later that night we took a calmer ride to view the night sky. The Milky Way didn’t look like the candy bar but was spectacular.  I think it’s the name of the galaxy we live in.  The clan man saw a shooting star and made a secret wish.  No he didn’t even tell me what it was.

The next stop is Island in the Sky and Dead Horse Point State Park where Thelma and Louise did their infamous dive.  I know the movie said they were in AZ but it was just a cover story.

The clan woman said we are at the ½ mark of our adventure.


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