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Seeing the detail


Today I see the details.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Glaston weekend 100“Odd, isn’t it, that the extreme and unusual lives lead here.”

“Remember that saying in the bible about God spitting out the lukewarm?”

“Yes… I was just thinking… not so odd perhaps.”

“The safe path leads one to safe pastures, but not to the heights of spiritual truth. Mountain goats disport themselves in the most unlikely places.”

“To live with passion opens us to a whole spectrum of things… at both ends of the human-divine scales.”

“And sometimes the lives that seem to be of the crash-and-burn variety to those of us who are looking on from the outside are really spiritual successes, seen from within. We can’t judge – not really. But we can judge whether or not a path would be right for us, and step aside from those that would take us to inappropriate places.”


Glaston weekend 209“In the blackness of space, stars are but a tiny twinkle…

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MOLSON REPORT – Visiting the Sick


MOLSON REPORT – Visiting the Sick   Molson

Last week I was hanging out in a Clan member’s house when I learned my scribe was in the hospital.

Molson hanging out

I had to drop in for a visit !

hosp. Molson

         The cardiac nurse offered to check on my heart.

molson checkup

Handmade sweet wishes of wellness concluded the visit.


My scribe says she’ll be back to posting this week.

Thanks for visiting,  Molson.

Date Challenged


Date Challenged


         I am date challenged.  I am not one of those people who remember dates easily.  My siblings don’t have the same issue so I know it’s not hereditary.

When I contemplate this lack of mental acuity, the lack is not associated with the importance of an event.   My children’s birthdates as well as historical events do not escape my affliction.   The actual year of an occurrence presents the greatest problem.

???     1950?    1963?    1976?    1988?    2002?    2012    ???

It is as if time ceases to exist.


         I have no mental constructs in which to measure times progress.   I have tried making linear timelines to assist me.  In fact I have a file on my desktop with My Life timeline so that I can place events in chronological order.  My resume used to confuses people until I learned to create a story line literally to show my progression of experiences over time.

Creating story lines makes more sense to me than nominal numbers – any numeral used for identification.

      “… The only meaningful operation with nominal numbers is to compare    two nominal numbers to see whether they are identical or not.”  Wikipedia

     Dates are nominal numbers.  Out of context, without a story, they are meaningless and difficult to recall.

For example, I know I am growing older but I can not always tell you my age at any specific time without comparing my birth year with the current year and calculating the difference.

Even as I focus on this Blog about life after 60, I only have awareness of my current environment and emotions.   When I read a blog from someone younger than 60, I am instantly transported into their space/time.  It is delightful to experience their stories as an ageless participant.

     Releasing linearity and embracing the chaos of timelessness allows life to feel immortal.


         Create your own personal story line out of timelessness.

 timelessness art

tree of life flow

“The timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness; and knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.”~ Kahlil Gibran



Just breathe.


I had an interesting thought today:

Ordinary is the extraordinary that has been overlooked.

I believe that there are two main ways of life – fear and love. Often it does not matter where exactly we are heading to, but how we are taking each step, how we are treating every moment we have. Is it with awe and hope or is it with anxiety and impatience? Is the day filled with now, the present moment or is it filled with the future and the past? Do we appreciate life and all it contains or do we find something to be lacking everywhere we look? Are we open to see the light in all or do our thoughts start reflecting in the world what is troubling and unbalanced within us? Do we trust the flow of life and ourselves or will we let our doubts and fears take away from…

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golden tree

            It’s the trees that call to me during the season’s change.  For some, it’s the color change followed by the wild tumbling of leaves to the ground.  For other trees, it’s the promise of no change as they keep their boughs in evergreen shades.

hanging tree limbs

Trees mark the progression of time, the transformation of seasons, and the memory of life passing.

mushrooms & leaves Mushrooms and damp leaves.

            The heady aroma released by damp leaves and dripping branches alerts my being to the need to prepare.   A replacement of garments and footwear demand my attention.

I am stimulated by the need to abandon old patterns and adapt to new ones.   Today I will observe the natives’ clothing preference and research my choices.

            My images of possibilities are filled with radical changes.



cover alls

bio gear

Water will not make me melt.  I am not the wicked witch.

Molson Report #12 – Albuquerque, NM


Molson Report #12 – Albuquerque, NM

         Here we are in New Mexico and yes it is part of the USA. Though many other states don’t realize it.  The natives frequently report being asked for passports and payment in dollars with out of state communications.  College applications from NM students have been know to be returned with a request for English proficiency certification as well as completion of foreign applications. I know several clan members who have experienced difficulties but that’s another post.

Google –  ‘One of Our 50 Is Missing’ for some entertaining stories on this phenomena.

Despite the tradition of questioning New Mexico’s place in the USA the Federal Government had no problem with identifying and closing its National Parks and Monuments.



Just because the parks are closed does not mean I can’t show you some traditional NM rock art.





‘Til we meet again.


Molson Report #11 – Mesa Verde


MOLSON REPORT #11 – Cliff Place

Mesa Verde, Colorado

         This is the last of the National Parks we were able to visit before the shut down.   Since we didn’t know about the shut down at the time, we had planed to revisit the park the next day as well.

mesa verde map

         The 23 mile drive to Cliff Place on a 2-lane road was reported to me by the clan members as “challenging for someone sensitive to heights & narrow roads with drop-offs”.   We left the RV at Cortez since no trailers were allowed in the park and drove the truck for an hour to the site where we met the ranger.

He gave us an introduction and a warning about the difficulties of getting into and out of Cliff Place.  He also reported 2 tourists fainting and one heart attack.   The clan male decided not to risk it, so I accompanied the clan female.

         You can see why they call it Cliff Place.



 DSC07072It took me a bit longer to climb up.


DSC07100         The opening is a door not a window.  The inhabitants were shorter than modern man.

         Here’s a picture of me entering the doorway.  Notice the great view!! Wouldn’t it feel great to get up every day an be greeted by that scene?


         Do you think someone was storing the corn for a late night popcorn snack.

         I wonder where the owner went?


See ya in Albuquerque.  Molson