MOLSON REPORT #10 – Dead Horse State Park


MOLSON REPORT #10 – Dead Horse State Park



“Dead Horse Point is situated atop a high plateau at an elevation of about 6,000 feet above sea level. From the point, a “layer cake” of geologic time may be viewed, revealing 300 million years of the earth’s geologic history. While standing on the canyon rim, 8,000 feet of geologic strata is visible looking from the peaks of the 12.000 foot high La Sal Mountains to the river below. These rock layers were deposited over the eons by oceans, fresh water and wind as well as isolated igneous events.”

Picture and text above from State Park web site.

         The blue ponds seen in the background are solar evaporating mines for potash.  Potassium chloride is piped to the ponds with a bluing solution that aids the evaporation process.  The sun evaporates the solution leaving behind potassium and salt.

 Background music “Madre De La Tierra” by David Lanz


“We loved this state park and would like to camp here on our return trip, “declared the clan members.


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