Seeing the detail


Today I see the details.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Glaston weekend 100“Odd, isn’t it, that the extreme and unusual lives lead here.”

“Remember that saying in the bible about God spitting out the lukewarm?”

“Yes… I was just thinking… not so odd perhaps.”

“The safe path leads one to safe pastures, but not to the heights of spiritual truth. Mountain goats disport themselves in the most unlikely places.”

“To live with passion opens us to a whole spectrum of things… at both ends of the human-divine scales.”

“And sometimes the lives that seem to be of the crash-and-burn variety to those of us who are looking on from the outside are really spiritual successes, seen from within. We can’t judge – not really. But we can judge whether or not a path would be right for us, and step aside from those that would take us to inappropriate places.”


Glaston weekend 209“In the blackness of space, stars are but a tiny twinkle…

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