I feel like the Mad Hatter tripping over a big watch “Yelling I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.”  Or a better illusion is falling down the rabbit hole to begin with.


        My MAC decided to fall asleep New Year’s eve and refused to function until I could visit a MAC center.  The awakening took over a week and the upgraded Operating System rearranged my files and deleted content.  My favorite blogs were no longer connected to my email and some had been reassigned to SPAM.

It feels as if the Nature Spirits have shaken my well constructed paradigm into a new format for a New Year awakening.

Now, every day is again an adventure full of choices and surprises.   My watch works differently in that it ticks to a new rhythm.  I am discovering how to merge with this fresh year.

I still intend to blog my insights on living life after 60.

      In case you haven’t experienced Tai Chi in water, I invite you to the Ai Chi experience – one of my New Year treats.

The exercise is performed in 90 F water and is a surprising workout.



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  1. I know exactly how you are feeling! I have technology challenges on my side too! Learning something everyday… its worth the effort to stay connected. All the best as we go forward into a very technologically connected world.


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