3 sisters  cropped


One of my sisters retired from her job of 30+ years this month. Another sister suggested giving her a gift from the ‘Three Sisters’ of CORN, BEANS AND SQUASH.

Since I didn’t know the legend, I had to goggle it. There were several interpretations of the metaphor. This is the one I choose.

Corn is the oldest sister who provides the structure upon which the bean coils and grows. Meanwhile squash protects the corn’s roots and keeps moisture in the soil. Each is different and necessary. The three together create a sustainable environment and produce nourishment to maintain life. In Native American culture this planting together is called a mound garden.

In retirement it is important to created Three Sister Gardens to sustain yourself during and after the transition.

What’s in your garden?

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  1. What a cool story. Never heard that before. I love all of those vegetables. Was growing some corn that didn’t work out too well (pests got to it), but our cherry tomatoes and chili peppers always come out great.


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