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I'm a Stud

Playfulness is a natural gift that requires living in the present.  No past or future imaginings can replicate the joy of the moment.   All new born animals including humans are born with their playfulness intact.  For many, this attribute is pushed below the surface once the age of reason is reached. Thankfully it is uncovered again with age and the waning need to live for the future.

The easiest way to reactive present living and playfulness is to surround oneself with an environment full of the sounds, images, smells and behaviors that invite its presence.

Fortuantely, I have relatives that are happy to share their retirement puppies and am posting some captured scenes to stimulate you.

Enjoy in joy.



The communication between pets and their caregivers or care-giving pets with their humans is a mystery.   I can only perceive the link from the human side based on previous experience and the erroneous assumption that pets think like humans.

I was gifted with a ‘companion cat’ several months ago.  She is mature in age and takes her care giving seriously.  This is translated into lots of lap sitting and naptime-on-my chest purring.

Lately we have spent time observing the metamorphosis of our trees from my large picture window.   These periods of contemplation reminded me that my cat is confined to the inside of my apartment and may find the space limiting.   Recalling previous cat companions and discussions with siblings, I realized that my cat had no high perches.

Images of previous feline roommates produced the awareness of abundant shelves and indoor cat trees occupied by lurking furry bodies.  My feelings about these spaces were that these high grounds represented nest for my furry friends to retreat and feel safe. Places my current companion lacked.

Fueled with the desire to satisfy my friend, I searched for ways to create high placed nest within my apartment.   After months of unsuccessful exploration, I finally resorted to the tried and true human tool of buying a pre-constructed product.

I anxiously awaited its arrival sure my cat would be appreciative.

Finally it arrived and waited to be assembled.

Cat tree pieces

            My cat like a child was more interested in the container box than the contents.

Fortunately the product came with easy instructions and an assembly tool as advertised.  I placed the stand in the window overlooking the outside activity and waited for her to explore.

Tree standing

            She ignored the new perch with uncharacteristic lack of curiosity.  Not a spec of cat killing curiosity was displayed.

             I finally resorted to bribery with kitty treats and catnip to get her to step on the platform.

Cat in Tree

            I had to physically place her on the top perch, which she promptly abandoned when I moved my restraining hand.

My sister laughed at my antics and suggested that I give her more than a day’s time to acclimate.  I pointed out that my kittens had immediately taken to their cat tree.  My sister retorted that my current cat companion was no longer a kitten – nor was I.

She called it the Wisdom of Age.

Now I am waiting for my cat to discover the high perch on her own in joyful exploration.

All comments for my cat are welcome.



         The first of FEBRUARY produced a unique occurrence in my neighborhood.  After two days of snow, it rained ice.  The ice coated the staircase to my door, preventing me from exiting.

Icy stairs

The rails were caked with ice. They could not be used for support even if I were brave enough to try to descend the slipper steps.

The ice also coated the numerous trees encircling my community increasing the weight on the branches.  Soon my home was surrounded by loud popping sounds.  My cat pushed open the curtain to peer out and revealed the source of the noise.  The branches were detaching from the trees and knocking others off during their fall.

back broken limbs

back broken limbs2Broken trees

         Yellow caution crime scene tape was strung around the affected areas to prevent trespassing.


         MARCH produced new sounds from the trees – the roar of chainsaws and buzz of mulching.  Once again my cat witnessed the daily activities in the trees.

Tree trim1 Some of the trees were reduced to stumps while others received extensive pruning.

tree trim2

tree tim3

 One tree escaped the excessive denuding.

tree trim 4

A closer took at the bulge in the top reveals the reason for the stay of execution.


Two large raccoons had claimed the tree as their home.