The first of FEBRUARY produced a unique occurrence in my neighborhood.  After two days of snow, it rained ice.  The ice coated the staircase to my door, preventing me from exiting.

Icy stairs

The rails were caked with ice. They could not be used for support even if I were brave enough to try to descend the slipper steps.

The ice also coated the numerous trees encircling my community increasing the weight on the branches.  Soon my home was surrounded by loud popping sounds.  My cat pushed open the curtain to peer out and revealed the source of the noise.  The branches were detaching from the trees and knocking others off during their fall.

back broken limbs

back broken limbs2Broken trees

         Yellow caution crime scene tape was strung around the affected areas to prevent trespassing.


         MARCH produced new sounds from the trees – the roar of chainsaws and buzz of mulching.  Once again my cat witnessed the daily activities in the trees.

Tree trim1 Some of the trees were reduced to stumps while others received extensive pruning.

tree trim2

tree tim3

 One tree escaped the excessive denuding.

tree trim 4

A closer took at the bulge in the top reveals the reason for the stay of execution.


Two large raccoons had claimed the tree as their home.

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