What is the first thing you think of when you hear knocking on your door?   The knock knock joke dictates you respond with “Who’s there?.”

If you don’t get a response do you check the peephole before opening the door?   Again, if you don’t spy someone through the hole you might assume it was a UPS person leaving a package or if you live in my neighborhood someone of short stature like a child.

There are lots of children in my apartment complex and all the apartments have exterior knockable doors.   My door is on the second floor at the top of external stairs exposed to the elements.   I rarely get knocks in bad weather and at night.

The knocking issue developed gradually after I moved in last spring. It was initiated by a pixie like child who skips and bounds when she moves. Once my door was opened she entered on fleet feet asking questions non-stop and divulging her short life history.   Once her curiosity was satisfied she exited with a cheery good bye.

Her visits were repeated daily. Each time she excavated a new treasure in my home – an exercise ball hidden behind the couch, an authentic conch shell from HI, baskets with opened tops waiting to catch wads of paper and finally snacks from my kitchen.

Soon she introduced me to her playmates and my door became a destination. I was invited to impromptu performances on the tree stump in the commons area where I was the only spectator.

The age of my visitors increased to include the pre-teen set and their friends. I received after school debriefings on their latest activities and interest.

Last week I was napping when the knocking began.   I didn’t want to answer the door or interact with anyone but I couldn’t sleep with the knocking.   I explained that I was tired and needed to rest to the uncomprehending faces peering at me. I shut the door and resumed my rest.

This morning there was knocking at my door. I wanted to ignore it and complete the book I was reading.   Conditioning kicked in. I opened my door to two beaming faces holding a box.   They offered the box to me and scurried away.

I’m so glad I answered the knocking on my door.

 BOX top

 “Thank you for all you have gived to us kids.’


Inside Box

Inside box

Treasured Stones

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