This morning I awoke to loud shouts of banishment, “Out you dumb ..ucks.” followed by splashing from the pool next to my bedroom window and more angry words reduced to muttering. When I peered out my window all I could see was the apartment pool man slowly retreating from the pool area with a humiliating smile on his lips. I turned my gaze toward the pool and smiled too.

swimming in pool

            The pair claimed the pool as their pond weeks before the cover was removed. They duck-walked the after rain puddles with enthusiasm and cheers from the neighborhood kids. The kids banded together in support of the Ducks (also an Oregon Sports Symbol). They rallied their voices in a constant plea for their perpetuity.

“Please don’t yell at them. It scares them.”

“The spotted one flew all the way from Canada. She likes it here.”

“We don’t mind swimming with them. “

“You like them too.”

“My mom says it’s OK to swim with the ducks.”

           duck bars


 swimming duck

Sitting Duck


I am tempted to offer the kids some of my 60’s protest techniques but remember the results and my sister-in-law’s words on retirement, “The work setting is better suited for the younger generation.”

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  1. What a lovely thought, to go swimming with the ducks. I used to get great enjoyment from watching the ducks ride-the-rapids from an apartment I had in southern Germany years ago. Whenever the river flooded due to heavy storms, the ducks would ride the rushing water, alighting the bank again just a few metres down. Walking back up to the same spot and, doing it all over again. 🙂


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