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The Best Password Security is . . . .


The Best Password Security is . . . .


            Changing a home location requires organization and a functioning memory of what is packed and where, if things are to be retrieved easily. An additional task has been added to the process with the digital age.   The new change of location must be recorded in computer files so your service providers can connect with you.

PW login

            Each service requires an ID and Password (PW). These identifiers are necessary to update your information.

In the beginning, when personal digital information was forming, the process was simple.   Your ID was your name and your Password was an easily remembered group of characters. As time passed, security measured dictated a more complex system. IDs required more than just a name and PWs had to contain specific characters and not be repeated.


            I believe by the age of 60 everyone reaches a tipping point where the number of IDs and PWs becomes so vast it feels like an invasion of breeding digital rabbits. The process to retrieve just one ID/PW is time consuming and unique to the attached digital file. There are rules to follow in the name of security. One wrong step and you have to start again from the beginning.

 PW head

            I have spent the last three days on this task. It has taken longer than my actual move including unpacking.   My Mac digital files have consumed the greatest amount of time.   They have been hanging around for 10 years from the time I purchased my first MAC.

I was told my “Apple ID” would secure everything. I dutifully memorized the ID/PW sequence that allowed me to access the computer and its accompanying software programs. Then came the “iWare” including iClouds to replace the and iTune access expanded to the iPhone and a list of iDigital devices – all seeming to require a different ID/PW.


            Finally, I was unable to use my Apple products because they were protected by ID/PW protocols I could not recall. I was being protected from me!!!

This week I decided to tackle the issue and contacted Apple. I was prepared to pay to unblock my stuff – all my Apple Care programs had expired and were not renewable.   I asked for a referral and was given a voice friendly technician who accessed my computer screen like an invisible hand from the ether.

It took several days and shifts of technicians to clear up my tangled trail of ID/PWs.  The only cost was time.


            Toward the end I began writing down each ID and its associated PW with the date. YES I wrote them down in my private journal without a lock. I no longer care if someone wants to hack my files. I wish them luck. Meanwhile, I get to once again enjoy my digital domain.

I discovered that the best PW security is a forgetful mind.

memory loss ahead







Last week I decided to begin Spring clearing by selling my Portable Air Conditioners on Craigslist. I was surprised by the immediate responses and looked forward to the cash.

Following are copies of one buyer’s emails.

1st Email

Hello… I’m so sorry for late response .. I will be buying from you

so please kindly withdraw the advert  from Craigslist. i will be

paying  via certified check from my Bank it will be delivered to you

via  UPS Next Day Air, so I’ll need you to provide me with the

following  information to facilitate the mailing of the check…


Full name to be on the payment and full of address with Apt # suite #

including your cell phone,and a firm price.

I will make arrangements for the pick up as soon as you have your

money I am completely satisfied with the advert and the payment will

be delivered via UPS. Thanks


I responded with the requested information and a notice that I would not remove the advertisement until I had received payment.


2nd Email

Hello ,

how are you doing?i will like to let you know that the deal is still

on and the payment would be sent via UPS Service and the item will be

picked up as soon as you receive the payment,and get payment

cashed.Then I will instruct the shipper to get in contact with you for

the pick up schedule time and date.I will like to tell you that i

would be sending an overdraft amount of payment to cover the shipment

of the items bought and other items that am purchasing, Because,i might

not be on hand when the payment arrives,as am going for my business

trips, So as soon as you receive the check have it cashed and remove

your money for the item and send the remaining funds to the shipper

via Western Union or Gram money transfer.My shipper is also picking

some of other items at the same city of ours,that is why you need to

transfer the remaining amount of $$$ to the shipper when you have

receive the will have to deduct $100 for your running

around that I have caused you during the transaction period.Please let

me know if i can trust you on this so we can move forward from

here.and email you the tracking number of the payment soonest and also

i will like you to remove the advert on CL and also keep other buyer

off,Do get back to me asap.Ok



I was feeling very uncomfortable about being responsible for shipping and emailed the buyer that I would not ship the air conditioner. I also questioned the value of having a tracking # since it does not guarantee payment.



3rd Email

Good News to you that the payment will finally delivered to you and

thank you for your trustworthiness on going transaction …Now that

you have the payment,  here is the confirmation # by UPS with the

tracking number(1ZE1W3260177027139).. You will need to deposit the

check at your bank and withdraw the shipper fund and visit the nearest

Wal-mart to you to have the shipping fund wire to the shipper

information below, so as soon as you recieve the payment, follow my

instruction given to you as you will need to deposit the check…You

will deduct the cost of the purchase from the fund..and also deduct

$100 that is to cover the cost of your  running around and then have

rest of funds wired to my mover so that they can be able to make the

trip over there for the pick up around later today. Here is the

shipper information to send the money as you will send $1000 by

Moneygram 10mins pickup option and email me the 8 digits reference

number and send the rest $ by Wal-mart to Walmart pickup option and

email me the 9 digits reference number transfer details below……


Prior to opening the above email, I received a certified check from UPS for $2,200.00. This was $2000.00 more than the cost of the air conditioner. Once I read the final email, I knew something was not right but couldn’t figure out what the scam was.

I called a friend who is wise about the ways of the world. She told me it was definitely a scam and to consult Google to determine what the scam was.

I followed her instructions and copied suspicious text from the email. I surrounded the text with quotation marks and pasted into the Google search field. The responses were numerous with many soul-bearing stories of being tricked out of money.

Here’s the scam part. Once you deposit the full check into your checking account it takes a few minutes for the bank to verify. Any money you remove from your bank is your responsibility. If you follow the deposit with a check for $1000.00 you are required to honor your transaction even if the original deposit is proven to be invalid..

There is a saying in TX – Trust your neighbor and brand your cattle.