The Best Password Security is . . . .


The Best Password Security is . . . .


            Changing a home location requires organization and a functioning memory of what is packed and where, if things are to be retrieved easily. An additional task has been added to the process with the digital age.   The new change of location must be recorded in computer files so your service providers can connect with you.

PW login

            Each service requires an ID and Password (PW). These identifiers are necessary to update your information.

In the beginning, when personal digital information was forming, the process was simple.   Your ID was your name and your Password was an easily remembered group of characters. As time passed, security measured dictated a more complex system. IDs required more than just a name and PWs had to contain specific characters and not be repeated.


            I believe by the age of 60 everyone reaches a tipping point where the number of IDs and PWs becomes so vast it feels like an invasion of breeding digital rabbits. The process to retrieve just one ID/PW is time consuming and unique to the attached digital file. There are rules to follow in the name of security. One wrong step and you have to start again from the beginning.

 PW head

            I have spent the last three days on this task. It has taken longer than my actual move including unpacking.   My Mac digital files have consumed the greatest amount of time.   They have been hanging around for 10 years from the time I purchased my first MAC.

I was told my “Apple ID” would secure everything. I dutifully memorized the ID/PW sequence that allowed me to access the computer and its accompanying software programs. Then came the “iWare” including iClouds to replace the and iTune access expanded to the iPhone and a list of iDigital devices – all seeming to require a different ID/PW.


            Finally, I was unable to use my Apple products because they were protected by ID/PW protocols I could not recall. I was being protected from me!!!

This week I decided to tackle the issue and contacted Apple. I was prepared to pay to unblock my stuff – all my Apple Care programs had expired and were not renewable.   I asked for a referral and was given a voice friendly technician who accessed my computer screen like an invisible hand from the ether.

It took several days and shifts of technicians to clear up my tangled trail of ID/PWs.  The only cost was time.


            Toward the end I began writing down each ID and its associated PW with the date. YES I wrote them down in my private journal without a lock. I no longer care if someone wants to hack my files. I wish them luck. Meanwhile, I get to once again enjoy my digital domain.

I discovered that the best PW security is a forgetful mind.

memory loss ahead



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  1. I can really relate to this. I too have trouble with my own online security measures. I locked myself out of my Gmail account over the weekend. I had an anxiety attack over the long list of questions about my personal life I was required to answer before I was allowed to reset the PW. I was terrified I wouldn’t remember the answers! I write down PWs but those security questions are too much for this over 50 forgetful mind. Thanks for the chuckle.


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