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            I am am an addict.

My addiction began early in life at my mother’s knee and was supported by the American diet.

Bread was my substance of choice – soft squeezable Wonderbread spread with jelly and peanut butter.




My mother didn’t know she was poisoning my siblings and me. As I didn’t know that my homemade whole wheat bread was creating an addiction in my children.





I didn’t know that carbohydrates (CHO) were a non-essential food group.   I did know that I felt calmer after eating CHO – the sweeter the better.   So did my children.

Man with pen and questionnaire. 3d

I remember a time when my daughter declared she was a vegetarian but only ate pasta. No wonder the teenage years were so dramatic. I was living with addicts – myself included..

My medical training included courses in physiology, pathology and nutrition.   The courses did not teach the dangers of CHO addiction or it’s side effects.   I learned this through personal experience when I began a search for answers to my failing health.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes followed a few months later by a heart attack.   Although statistics indicated this was a fast growing diagnosis in the USA. It didn’t make sense to me, for me.

I took the prescribed medications and adhered to the ADA diet counseling only to discover that I was getting sicker. When I presented my carefully documented records to my health care providers, I was ignored, prescribed a newer more expensive drug and ultimately blamed for failure to respond due to weight gain.

Finally I began listening to my gut and discovered the Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) diet presented by a Swedish physician on the Internet ( Within a month of practicing LCHF my blood sugars had returned to normal without medication.   My weight had also begun to drop.

green being

            My adventure wasn’t over yet. After a few months I noticed my weight wasn’t decreasing and though I didn’t have high blood sugars my hunger had returned. I realized that my feeling of hunger was the result of addiction. Food had become a drug for me. I was eating too much to satisfy a craving within me.


            I switched my focus again and was led to new discussions on drug addiction. Johann Hari, the author of ‘ Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs’, presents an enthralling blog post titled “The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think“.    (

He concludes It is disconnection that drives addiction . . . the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection.’

Further investigation of human connection led me to Rick Bateman’s Social Wellness site that explains how to create and nurture social connection ( He offers a theory of ‘Why Social Isolation Makes Us Sick’ using the perspective of a zoologist.

“Following are the first few basic questions a zoo keeper ask:

  1. Is their diet appropriate?
  2. Is their physical environment appropriate i.e. is it the right size, temperature . . .
  3. Are their emotional needs being met i.e. are there things they like to do or need to have? Do they have the right living space?
  4. Are their social needs being met? Are there others of their own kind they can interact with? “

I am an addict in the process of recovery.

My dietary changes have eliminated my medical diagnosis. Changes in my physical environment – an apartment for my cat and me; my emotional needs for a space of my own surrounded by natural scenery and a supportive communication; and social needs through meet-up groups, blogs and regular weekly contact with friends.



            My intention in writing this blog is to share my over 60 year old experiences with the hope that the information will assist you in finding and maintaining your own wellness. It is not meant to prescribe or dictate.









            Earlier this week I received a text message from a bank I have a credit card from.   The text wanted to know if I had recently charged $2 to my account. I waited until I was no longer driving and textd a reply – NO.

Later a telephone call woke me from my nap. It was the Fraud department.   I was still groggy from my nap and didn’t get the young man’s name. I did hear the multiple questions about my identity based on my telephone #s, addresses and travel destination in the past. I did hear the name of my nephew and wondered how a bank knew he was connected to me.

I questioned the caller as to the purpose of my interrogation and was told the bank needed to verify that I was the legal owner of the CC.  He than said his department had received an alert when someone tried to charge $2.00 on my CC in California. He didn’t know who had made the charges or where in California the fraud took place.

He did repeatedly assure me that his call was the banks way of protecting me from someone illegally using my CC. He asked if I had any questions.


            I was now awake and wondering where the information about my life had come from specifically the name of my nephew.   He didn’t answer my question directly but did repeat his ‘we’re protecting you’ mantra.

I pulled rank knowing I was older and wiser. I demanded to know on what authority he had obtained information I had not released to the bank.

He glibly replied that banks have the authority to access private information in order to – you guessed it – protect the customer. In keeping with that duty the bank was going to discontinue my current CC and assign me a new one, which would arrive in a few weeks.

I was stunned and yes angry at being manipulated. My gut feeling was that the bank’s CC system had been hacked and the bank wanted an excuse to reissue mine.

Today at the grocery check out my CC from another bank was denied.   I paid with cash and contacted the bank, my regular provider, when I returned home.

I was asked for my telephone PW and then about a purchase I had not made. That was it. No new CC required.

I did inquire about the banks authority to access private information and was told it was not the policy of the bank to do so.   They could not speak for other banks.

I will provide direct consumer feed back with the first bank. I am canceling my account.