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MOLSON REPORT – Visiting the Sick


MOLSON REPORT – Visiting the Sick   Molson

Last week I was hanging out in a Clan member’s house when I learned my scribe was in the hospital.

Molson hanging out

I had to drop in for a visit !

hosp. Molson

         The cardiac nurse offered to check on my heart.

molson checkup

Handmade sweet wishes of wellness concluded the visit.


My scribe says she’ll be back to posting this week.

Thanks for visiting,  Molson.

Molson Report #12 – Albuquerque, NM


Molson Report #12 – Albuquerque, NM

         Here we are in New Mexico and yes it is part of the USA. Though many other states don’t realize it.  The natives frequently report being asked for passports and payment in dollars with out of state communications.  College applications from NM students have been know to be returned with a request for English proficiency certification as well as completion of foreign applications. I know several clan members who have experienced difficulties but that’s another post.

Google –  ‘One of Our 50 Is Missing’ for some entertaining stories on this phenomena.

Despite the tradition of questioning New Mexico’s place in the USA the Federal Government had no problem with identifying and closing its National Parks and Monuments.



Just because the parks are closed does not mean I can’t show you some traditional NM rock art.





‘Til we meet again.


Molson Report #11 – Mesa Verde


MOLSON REPORT #11 – Cliff Place

Mesa Verde, Colorado

         This is the last of the National Parks we were able to visit before the shut down.   Since we didn’t know about the shut down at the time, we had planed to revisit the park the next day as well.

mesa verde map

         The 23 mile drive to Cliff Place on a 2-lane road was reported to me by the clan members as “challenging for someone sensitive to heights & narrow roads with drop-offs”.   We left the RV at Cortez since no trailers were allowed in the park and drove the truck for an hour to the site where we met the ranger.

He gave us an introduction and a warning about the difficulties of getting into and out of Cliff Place.  He also reported 2 tourists fainting and one heart attack.   The clan male decided not to risk it, so I accompanied the clan female.

         You can see why they call it Cliff Place.



 DSC07072It took me a bit longer to climb up.


DSC07100         The opening is a door not a window.  The inhabitants were shorter than modern man.

         Here’s a picture of me entering the doorway.  Notice the great view!! Wouldn’t it feel great to get up every day an be greeted by that scene?


         Do you think someone was storing the corn for a late night popcorn snack.

         I wonder where the owner went?


See ya in Albuquerque.  Molson

MOLSON REPORT #10 – Dead Horse State Park


MOLSON REPORT #10 – Dead Horse State Park



“Dead Horse Point is situated atop a high plateau at an elevation of about 6,000 feet above sea level. From the point, a “layer cake” of geologic time may be viewed, revealing 300 million years of the earth’s geologic history. While standing on the canyon rim, 8,000 feet of geologic strata is visible looking from the peaks of the 12.000 foot high La Sal Mountains to the river below. These rock layers were deposited over the eons by oceans, fresh water and wind as well as isolated igneous events.”

Picture and text above from State Park web site.

         The blue ponds seen in the background are solar evaporating mines for potash.  Potassium chloride is piped to the ponds with a bluing solution that aids the evaporation process.  The sun evaporates the solution leaving behind potassium and salt.

 Background music “Madre De La Tierra” by David Lanz


“We loved this state park and would like to camp here on our return trip, “declared the clan members.


Molson Report # 9 – Island in the Sky


Molson Report # 9

Canyonlands – Island in the Sky

         Sorry for the delayed report.  As I mentioned earlier, the closure of the National Parks caused some rearranging of our plans.  Our visit to the Canyonlands occurred prior to the closing of the park.  So I will report on this site first.

Also, the closing of the National Parks included closing of their web pages, which had great maps.  I did find an overview map to help you visualize our travels and give you an enlarged perspective.


         My last post was about the Arches National Park (Molson Report #8). This report will include the Canyonlands National Park – Island in the Sky.   Dead Horse Point State Park report will follow as Molson Report #10.


       Two rivers, the Colorado and the Green river, border the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands, UT.

The sound track is “Heartsounds” by David Lanz

Molson Report – USA National Parks Shut Down


Yesterday we got notice ( that the National Parks would be shut down.

We had to change our route and are heading for our clan members in Albuquerque, NM.  I’m sure there will be some great photos and shared adventures to report once we get settled.

Thanks for following.   Molson

Molson Report #8 – Arches National Park, UT


Molson Report – Arches National Park, UT

Double-Arch-Photo National Park Services Photo

         Thursday (9/26) the clan members parked in Moab, UT a city promoting a green environment, which is sort of funny since it’s so brown or should I say RED LIMESTONE.   The clan man rented a CD that talked us around the Arches National Park.  It provided history about designated stops that was interesting but not as much fun as having a live hands on ranger-guided tour.


     She had very nice hands and a great smile.  Lots of other tourist wanted my picture with them too.  I thought we should charge $ but the clan members did it for free.

I still got a lot of climbing in between being held.






I spied an ancient Stargate too.


 These Ute petroglyphs (rock pictures) at Wolfe Ranch were made between 1650 & 1850 – so they say.

The following day the clan took a cold windy ride on the Colorado River.  I stayed bundled up so I wouldn’t blow away.  Later that night we took a calmer ride to view the night sky. The Milky Way didn’t look like the candy bar but was spectacular.  I think it’s the name of the galaxy we live in.  The clan man saw a shooting star and made a secret wish.  No he didn’t even tell me what it was.

The next stop is Island in the Sky and Dead Horse Point State Park where Thelma and Louise did their infamous dive.  I know the movie said they were in AZ but it was just a cover story.

The clan woman said we are at the ½ mark of our adventure.


Molson on the Move – Capital Reef, UT


Molson Report from Capital Reef National Park, UT

          When I started this adventure, I imagined riding around in RV comfort checking out the scenery and meeting new people.  I also thought the older clan members would need lots of rest time and would avoid walking and climbing.  Maybe they’ll get tired in a few days.

          I am meeting new people but the clan wont allow their pictures on public media.  I guess that’s my job as the clan’s totem.

         Here’s some pics of me humping through the National Park and climbing to spectacular sites.   Don’t know what I got caught in my shell but it must have fallen out.  I don’t feel it anymore.

I’m heading for bed.  We’re going to the desert tomorrow.

Molson Report – Petrified Forest


Molson Escalante 1

I hope everyone is having fun welcoming the fall season.   Change is a good thing.  It stimulates the body and the mind.

I’m tagging along on a Clan RV adventure.  Here are some pictures of me playing in the Escalante Petrified Forest.  Seeing trees turned into stone gives a new perspective on life.

      Being a day tripper leads to lots of cool scenic views including traversing Nevada on Hwy 50 “the loneliest road in America.”

Thanks for visiting.

Molson – Corny Love Feast



Travel time

WELCOME to September and the Fall harvest season in which the Clan members celebrate with Food!

     Corn on the Cob is one of the main ingredients.  First, It must be cleared of the outer layers.  This is called shucking the corn or removing the outer layer.

Shucking corn

Shucks from corn.

     A shuck is defined as something with little value.  I disagree since the corn silk makes a fine wig.

Molson wearing wig

 Some humans can be so wasteful and lacking in imagination.

 Disquise Clan members playing with their food.

           Fall Feast

 I’m inspecting the gazpacho made with garden fresh vegetables.

Wishing you a prosperous harvest – no shucks.

XXOO Molson