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The communication between pets and their caregivers or care-giving pets with their humans is a mystery.   I can only perceive the link from the human side based on previous experience and the erroneous assumption that pets think like humans.

I was gifted with a ‘companion cat’ several months ago.  She is mature in age and takes her care giving seriously.  This is translated into lots of lap sitting and naptime-on-my chest purring.

Lately we have spent time observing the metamorphosis of our trees from my large picture window.   These periods of contemplation reminded me that my cat is confined to the inside of my apartment and may find the space limiting.   Recalling previous cat companions and discussions with siblings, I realized that my cat had no high perches.

Images of previous feline roommates produced the awareness of abundant shelves and indoor cat trees occupied by lurking furry bodies.  My feelings about these spaces were that these high grounds represented nest for my furry friends to retreat and feel safe. Places my current companion lacked.

Fueled with the desire to satisfy my friend, I searched for ways to create high placed nest within my apartment.   After months of unsuccessful exploration, I finally resorted to the tried and true human tool of buying a pre-constructed product.

I anxiously awaited its arrival sure my cat would be appreciative.

Finally it arrived and waited to be assembled.

Cat tree pieces

            My cat like a child was more interested in the container box than the contents.

Fortunately the product came with easy instructions and an assembly tool as advertised.  I placed the stand in the window overlooking the outside activity and waited for her to explore.

Tree standing

            She ignored the new perch with uncharacteristic lack of curiosity.  Not a spec of cat killing curiosity was displayed.

             I finally resorted to bribery with kitty treats and catnip to get her to step on the platform.

Cat in Tree

            I had to physically place her on the top perch, which she promptly abandoned when I moved my restraining hand.

My sister laughed at my antics and suggested that I give her more than a day’s time to acclimate.  I pointed out that my kittens had immediately taken to their cat tree.  My sister retorted that my current cat companion was no longer a kitten – nor was I.

She called it the Wisdom of Age.

Now I am waiting for my cat to discover the high perch on her own in joyful exploration.

All comments for my cat are welcome.

A Nature Spirit Walk


A Nature Spirit Walk

DSCN0533064 Harvest Landing, Springfield, OR

         Nature Spirits are part of our human existence just like unseen body cells,  the sound of laughter and the smell of earth.  They are constantly interacting with us in an evolutionary spiral.

It is not necessary to be conscious of their presence but awareness makes the interaction more pleasurable.   Just as viewing an ultrasound of a growing fetus doesn’t make it more real, it does raise our consciousness of the gestational process.

Connecting with Nature Spirits is easier than using a smart phone (which by the way has it’s own Nature Spirits).  All you have to do is consciously ask to be connected.  The asking does not need to be audible or written.  Thinking and feeling the desire for connection is enough.

My preferred introduction goes something like this:

“Over lighting Deva of Nature Spirits I wish to be connected to the Nature Spirits of ….. (insert name).”

Sometimes I take a few deep breaths to help my mind center on receiving.   The connection presents in many forms depending on the individual.  It always feels good.

The following are pictures I recorded on a lone walk with the Nature Spirits of Harvest Landing. 

Feeling, seeing and hearing the flow of the river is vital to the experience.

           A tree presents its unique form stimulating the recall of its history.


Root stairs are offered as assistance in climbing the slope.


An unidentified bird silently watches from a perch above the river offering an aerial view.


 Trees shade the earth path and wave branches old and new in greetings.


Juicy blackberry bushes extended their fruit in greeting and for nurishment.


Sometimes the trail resembles a dried stream bed of cobbled stones that massage the foot’s trigger points and


 provide mysterious detours into tree covered musty hallways.


         No flies or bugs on me.

Another benefit of communicating with the Nature Spirits is to request that critters stay off your flesh.   In return I agreed not to step on the slow moving inhabitants.




CONNECTION – Linking Of People Or/And Things


CONNECTION – Linking Of People Or/And Things

bunch of computer cables with sockets

         Big things like TVs, computer CPUs, digital cameras, and mobile telephones connect the world or so I believed until yesterday.

Last evening my streaming video of Stargate SG-1 abruptly stopped.  It had worked for the last 6 months allowing me to view content from my computer to my TV.  I had purchased all the parts – computer, cable modem, and TV from a National supplier with excellent warranty polices.  I had a guaranteed connection.

The TV monitor gave a hint of the problem.  It stated that my connection was no longer available and suggested I check the cables.

20 minutes later, I had unplugged and reinserted every cable visible with no solution.   The next step required communication with the retail store.

 Telephone call

            They said I needed to call the manufacturer despite my verification of purchase and refund rights.  The manufacturer gave me a claim # and told me to go to the store for a replacement part.


         Two hours later, I presented myself with connector cables and claim # in hand to the store.  The clerk verified my previous purchases again and gave me a new connector without testing it or asking for my claim #.


An hour later I returned to the store paper work and connector in hand.  It didn’t work.  The new clerk informed me I would need to bring my computer unit in to test the connector.

driving 2

         Two hours later after eating dinner, I returned with the connector and my computer.   The clerk tested it on their TV and concluded that it was working OK.  Therefore, the problem must be in my TV.


The Suspects

         An hour later I returned with my connectors, TV and Computer. The signal still did not go through.  The clerk determined that it might be a different connector part – the actual cable – that was at fault and sent me off to find a replacement.


         The clerk reported experiencing similar problems with connection cables, even new ones.  The cost of replace was ZERO $, four human connections and seven hours of my time.

Things to consider:

  • Without the ability to connect the ‘big things/people’ do not function.
  • Warranty polices (written contracts*) do not guaranteed continuous connections.  (* Examples include marriage vows, employee contracts, academic diplomas as well as electronic cables.)

A Touch Stone – DONE



Years ago I was invited to join a group of women writers in my beach side community.  My first response was to deny I was a writer then to protest that I didn’t want to publish.  The organizer, an already published southern women, smiled sweetly and corrected me. “The goal is not to publish but to create touchstones in your life.  You can share  if you want but that is not required.”

The following is a touchstone called ‘Done’ which I shared with my family and friends.  It is followed by a note from my son, the only person to respond.  It speaks for its self.


A Touchstone

“Done,” mumbled the woman referring to the end of physical form, the transition point we call death.

Done, like a turkey fully cooked and ready for the eating.

Done, as in fully created and ready to move on the next project.

I wish, at times, I could pronounce myself ‘Done’.

This creating and rearranging has me all tired out.

I am ready to be Done, to move on.

I am getting bored with this lump of clay and wonder why I continue to linger.

Is it to add that extra laugh line around the eye?

Is it to be at one more birth and feel that small slippery body in my hands before handing it to mom?

Am I curious as to how much longer my father will continue to curse taxes and disinherit me, again?

Why am I not done?

What more do I need for my masterpiece to be complete?

Have I mastered the art of living yet?

I long to be DONE, but know I am not.         6/19/2000

My son’s response 6/21/2000.

Mom, that was really great! You’re talking in metaphor, but metaphor so immediate and physical that it doesn’t come across as “artsy”.  Even if I weren’t your son, I would think you should seriously consider writing more.

As I am your son, though, it makes me feel very sad to think you are feeling that way.  I hope you are not always so world-weary as that poem.  If it helps, I think you can sit back and feel “done” about a lot of things.

  • Two children, raised to adulthood, both content and one very happily married. Done.
  • One husband, supported and supporting through thick and thin. Done.
  • Innumerable people helped, in ways big and small, from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Done.
  • One life, lived without compromising the ideal you hold dear. Done.
  • Reformed patriarchal western medicine to value women and personal integrity… well, you wouldn’t want to be done with EVERTHING would you?  That would be boring.

Love,  Your son (Told his mom that he loves her. Done…)






 Knowing that Gelotology is the study of laughter is not as much fun as pronouncing the word – ‘je-le-TO-le-ji’. It sounds like Jell-O. That’s the giggle.

However, the word is from the Greek ‘gelos’ meaning ‘laughter’ and raises the question of where the name for the jiggly confection of a gelatin product originated.


Speaking of sound, introduces the results of a Gelotologist’s study of the sonic structure of laughter.  The research revealed that all human laughter consists of variations on a basic form that consists of short, vowel-like notes repeated every 210 milliseconds. It can be of the “ha-ha-ha” variety or the “ho-ho-ho” type but not a mixture of both.  Writers alert – beware of mixing the two forms to avoid a false presentation of jovial utterance.

I wonder what happened to the “he-he-he” type?  Is it now extinct or restricted to the overlooked study of the female gender?  Please consider reporting your ‘field observations’ of laughter to verify these findings and promote evidence based writing.

Gelotologists agree that laughter is a form of communication and a universal language. It serves as a social signal not only among humans but also dogs and other mammals. They make laughter-like vocalizations when they share positive social contact such as wrestling, play chasing, or touching.



Click  link above to hear dog laugh.

Remember the sound of laughter reduces stress levels and promotes bonding.

Get your laughter on.