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Addressing our ‘Cultural Consensus Trance’



This morning I received a link to Dmitroy Orlov ‘s blog [http://cluborlov.blogspot.com] announcing his new book – The Five Stages of Collapse.  

The book is based on a previous presentation in 2008 http://www.resilience.org/stories/2008-11-11/five-stages-collapse

Please do not be dismayed by the word ‘collapse’.  This is not a doom & gloom prediction of the world ending.  It is about the world changing and possible solutions to surviving the changes.

You may recognize some of the suggested changes and solutions.  I did.

My move to Costa Rica was a way to experience a cultural change that was compatible with my new fixed income.   Once experienced, I was able to transfer my awareness to living a different life style in the USA.  My new perspective now includes an expanded appreciation for the local community.

A change in cultural beliefs is an evloving process.  It requires recognition of ‘cultural consenses’ and awakening from those that no longer serve us.


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